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March 15, 2013

 I'm definitely finding that Karla's Newlywed Game link•up is a favorite of mine. It's fun to ask Sean the questions as well as to blog about something besides food. People are always curious about other people, but I am super awkward when it comes to talking about or describing myself, so these serve as a fun prompt.

Without further are the musings of Sean & I this week:

1.  What is your spouse’s favorite room in the house?
Bekah- The living room - he is always playing Gran Turismo on the PS3!
Sean - The dining room cuz you are there all the time with the laptop
(sorry, no pics here....both areas are always victims of our clutter!)

2.  What was the first picture of you both? Where were you/when was it?
Bekah - Shortly after we met, he came to meet my mom who photographed us on the sofa together. I still think it looks awkward.
Sean - I think it was when I went to go meet your mom - in your living room.

Don't zoom on this. It was STILL at my mom's house in a pile of something as it's not in such good shape. But here you go. Our awkward, thinner selves at 19 and 20.

3.  Describe a typical evening at home.
Bekah - See question #1 - we are both tired after work and resort to our preferred media before bed!
Sean - I'm tired from work on the Playstation and you're tired from work on the laptop.

4.  What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you & your spouse in public?
Bekah - I can't recall a time we've been embarrassed together.
Sean - Nothing I can think of.

5.  What do you like best about your spouse’s personality?
Bekah - He is supportive of everything I do and still tries to make things fun.
Sean - You're smart; you're caring.

6.  When it comes to ________ my spouse would win first prize.
Bekah - Censored.
Sean - Censored.
 (He felt that we had too much censorship here, so he added making/finding vegetarian dishes).

Of course this is what we mean when we say "censored!
7.  What is your spouse’s best physical feature?
Bekah - His smile - most guys don't smile often, but he is always generous with his. Also- he's taller than me (at 5'10, this is a must-have)!

Sean - It might be your eyes.

8.  What is your spouse’s most indispensable possession and why?
Bekah - His car - he loves to drive!
Sean - Your skillet. (nice answer! I LOVE my cast iron - it's been featured more than once in this blog:)

9.  Do you think your spouse will be a good Mom/Dad (why or why not)?
Bekah - Absolutely! He is playful still- kids love him! He also was a built in babysitter for his (way) younger siblings, so he has experience.
Sean - I don't think you'd be a good dad. Of course you'd be a good mom cuz you'd be disciplined AND fun.

10.  What is something that your spouse is optimistic AND pessimistic about?
Bekah - His job. He enjoys what he does but he is being seriously overworked.
Sean - Your dishes (cooking) cuz you find them and want to try them then you aren't sure about how they turn out.


  1. haha PS3 dictated my husband's favorite room too :P

    1. Ha! Yeah, I'm reading all the linkups now and seeing a theme.

  2. Hahaha oh man. Love the "censored" answer!
    You guys are so cute looking together. Love that you add all the pictures. I almost feel like I know you guys!!

    1. Thanks! I always hope that's how anyone reading feels.

  3. I love the answer for what the first place is! So funny! And the picture under it makes it even funnier! Thanks for linking up! I enjoyed reading your answers!

  4. I'm visiting from Aloha Friday. Glad to connect. Please join me on my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution ( as well and share your favorite post of the week. Happy Friday :-)

  5. haha love the skillet love...I think I need to get me one like yours!
    And I love men's smiles too!
    love that censored is yalls answer, I think that would have been Kevin's too...


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