re·cent awesomeness: spring edition

March 1, 2013

This may seem premature, but I'm pretty sure I'm the poster child for seasonal depression. That being said, I'm thrilled at any hint of spring! In addition to the beautiful fact that Rita's opens today, here are some hints that are keeping my spirits lifted as of late:

Daylight Savings Time: Say what you will about George W. Bush, but the man signed a bill in 2005 that gave us an extra four weeks of additional sunlight! In just over a week, we will be springing forward. I love my sleep, but I am happy to sacrifice an hour when it means I'm not driving home in the dark!

The Dollar Aisle at Target: I'm a sucker for seasonal merchandise. I'm especially bad when that season happens to involve the first spring colors after winter yuckiness. I want to buy pretty much everything, but thankfully remind myself that I have use for almost none of it. This time, I settled for some cute, colorful Easter cards to send out to the family.

Lauren Conrad Accessories: I've never been a fan of the big statement jewelry pieces that have recently been all the rage. I like small and simple but still cute. Lauren Conrad's jewelry line for Kohl's is always irresistible to me for that reason. I LOVE her earrings. Last year I got some cute flower studs, and recently I couldn't help myself when I saw these cute nautical choices (did I mention it's all costume jewelry, so it's pretty darn cheap!)

maybe you shouldn't follow that hyperlink. I did and found many more must-haves!

Fizz Sticks: Fizz sticks are by far my favorite Arbonne product. 13 calories (that don't taste like diet junk!) of vegan, gluten-free, yummy energy! I am not a morning person, but these always clear my head, and even better, curb my appetite for junk. I've been drinking these for about a year now, but some people have gotten creative and come up with some mock-tail recipes using these including a yummy lemonade. Can't wait to give them a try and report back my favorites!

they also come in pomegranate...

Oh, and this is so not in line with my healthy eating....but how can I resist? I'm sad they didn't have the Easter Basket Cakes in vanilla, but these are pretty darn cute as well!


  1. Hi Bekah! Dropping by from the Lots of Lovin' blog hop! No, you're not the only one...I am counting down to March 10th! Daylight savings time.can't.come.soon.enough! ;-) If you get a chance, would love for you to stop by! May you have a wonderful weekend!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  2. Following from Lots of Love Linkup. I'm loving me some Spring too! My spring health downfall are peeps...y'know those little colored-sugar covered marshmallow shapes. They used to be just Easter, but now they are for just about any holiday.

  3. Great post. Stopping in from lots of love blog hop. I'm at if you'd like to visit.


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