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March 9, 2013

I have decided I am simply one of those annoying people who is impossible to please.

I love my job (how can you not love unlimited puppies?), but we are very seasonal. Add that to tax and healthcare hikes, and I have been earning paychecks that definitely cause more worry than I would like. I know when the summer comes, hours will be in abundance and I will have a more regular cash flow...but til then, things are scary.

On the other hand...a dear coworker of mine got married today! I am thrilled for her and wish her all the bliss and time off in the world she could dream of.

Except, the end result of that is eight straight days of work. It's annoying, I know. I whine about no hours, then whine when I get said hours. I'm a brat. I want my happy medium, my way.

Go ahead, roll your eyes at me and tell me to stop whining. I probably won't. I like having a life- or at least having time to get the laundry done.

Aside from whining, really I'm just giving you all a heads up: sorry if my posts are absent or crappy in the week to come. I don't have a real day off til Friday (then my mom and bro are coming to visit. yay!).

Hopefully in the week following, I will be back to better content and playing in the kitchen.

On a brighter note, how do y'all like the new look? I've been design-shopping awhile and was thrilled to discover Erin over at Love, Fun, and Football! I'm quite happy with the end result. :)

And on an even brighter note - Daylight Savings Time is here!! So excited for all the extra sunshine to come!

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