Arbonne30: One Year Update

January 17, 2020 Baltimore, MD, USA

I started the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge in 2019 when I finally decided enough was enough. I was disgusted with my body and it was affecting more than just my vanity. During those 30 days, I posted weekly updates but not a "final" results post.

My reasoning was simple: I finished 30 days, but I'm wasn't finished. I continued 2019 in "maintenance mode" losing a few more pounds and becoming in better shape overall.

Arbonne 30 days to healthy living

I'm in the midst of my second "true" 30 day program, and now seems as good a time as any to share the scale and non-scale victories from the program throughout 2019.

Non-scale victories

  • Fewer naps needed
  • Fewer headaches
  • Resting heart rate decreased
  • No "afternoon slump" at work
  • Fewer side effects during "that time" including no weight gained (I'd often gained 3+ lbs during my cycle and blamed the hormones)
  • Easier to exercise

I have no shame in saying I only did the program initially to lose weight. I wasn't looking for or expecting any of these extra benefits, but I'm so grateful for all these other victories that came as a result!

Scale victories

  • 25 pounds lost (and kept off all year!)
  • 15 overall inches lost
  • Down one clothing size

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Progress was and is gradual. Month 1 was a complete nutritional overhaul. Month 2 was learning about how to modify the plan to make it sustainable for me. Month 3 introduced increased exercise. Even though the bulk of my weight was lost in month 1, I really started noticing a healthier looking body after month 2. I'm glad I built habits step by step as it has been so much easier for me to keep up instead of feeling overwhelmed by trying to do too much in the beginning.

January is the easiest time for me personally to comply to the program 100%, but programs run constantly throughout the year. I love the supportive community - I can always turn to someone else for recipe inspiration or any type of questions!

Last year, my eating was on the boring side just to keep things easy. I wasn't unhappy by any means, but I knew I'd want more variety this time around, and having both the experience and the community made it so much easier to find some new yummy meals. I was able to confidently scour Pinterest this time around and make modifications to recipes that caught my eye.

I get that not everyone wants to see skin, so I won't post my full-body initial before and after pictures here, but if you're curious about those or have any questions at all, contact me! It's embarrassing for me to see where I was when I started, but the results are so worth it, and if it helps anyone else feel healthier or more comfortable in their own skin, I'm so happy to share!

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  1. hey thank you for sharing!!!! im on my second day of Arbonne 30 and would love to see your full before and after results as I am still a bit weary on whether this diet will provide results. if you could contact me that would be so great, my email is

    1. Hi Alyssa! The photos above were taken a year apart. I did the full 30 in January 2018 (a week after the first photo) and maintained the weight lost which is what you see in the second photo a year later. There are other posts on my blog about the choices and progess made during the 3o days here:


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