Cord Cutting 101: What You Need to Know to Make the Switch

January 28, 2020

With the growing prominence and libraries on digital streaming services, more and more people are ditching their cable bills and moving to streaming-only television. If you're thinking about cutting the cord it can feel a bit overwhelming at first. Here's what you need to know about cord-cutting before you make the switch.

Do Your Research

Before jumping into cord-cutting, you should take time to research what options are available to you. Create a list of all the television you watch, including both things that you would not be able to live without and things that are not mandatory but that you enjoy. Now compare that list with the number of streaming services you will need to subscribe to in order to keep watching the shows you want to see. It's important to know exactly what you'll need to pay for, not just to make it easier to get set up once you make the switch, but also to decide if moving to an all-streaming plan is the right decision in the first place.

Do the Math

Once you've determined how much it would cost you to subscribe to the cord-cutting services you are interested in you can begin the process of comparing to your cable bill. One of the major benefits of going all-streaming is the ability to more precisely cater to what you are and aren't paying for, so it is likely that streaming offers a discount, but not guaranteed. Knowing the relative cost of both options is crucial in determining which is the better option for you.

Get Your Tech Sorted

Today's streaming services allow you to watch your shows and movies in stunning HD quality video, but that's only true if you have the right devices to play them. Whether you're intending to use your computer or a video game console, it's important that you ensure that you'll be able to get all of the services you want to sign up for to work on your home theater. In addition to the devices, you'll be using for streaming, you should also make sure that you have a router and modem capable of handling HD-quality video streaming.

Watch for Bundle Deals and Specials

One way that you can further increase your savings when switching over from traditional television options to cord-cutting solutions is to look for bundling opportunities. For example, Hulu, Disney and ESPN all offer a single bundle where you gain access to all three streaming services at a fraction of the cost of signing up for each individually. While streaming is usually the cheaper route for your TV needs even without bundles, that's no reason you shouldn't look to save even more by paying less.

Unsubscribe When You Don't Need It

When you have a traditional cable package, it's likely that you'll be asked to enroll in a contract that runs for at least one year, if not longer. With streaming services you're not bound to these same contractual terms which makes it easier to ensure that you don't have to pay for unused services. If you don't think you'll need a streaming service for a month or longer, you can likely pause your account then resume it when you need it at no added cost. If you love binging shows, a great trick is to only use one service at a time, then switch which is activated when you're ready to try shows on a new service.

Find a Reliable ISP

When cutting the cable cord the most important thing is being able to trust your internet service. If you can't get consistent high-speed broadband from your ISP then everything else in your plan falls apart. When you're using your WiFi to stream to all your devices and double as your television, you need to know that you can count on your connection to remain consistent and quick even when multiple devices are in use.

Cord-cutting looks set to be the future of televised content, with more and more consumers opting to get all of their TV off the internet. Streaming apps provide an easy-to-use solution for HD-quality video, all at a reduced cost. If you've been considering making the switch, there's no time like today. Start researching your cord-cutting options today and your wallet may just thank you tomorrow.

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