2020 is Here and I'm Making Things Happen

January 1, 2020 Baltimore, MD, USA

Happy New Year, everyone!

I rang in the year a few blocks away with Sean and our amazing neighbors. Between the abundance of sparkle, the nostalgia of last year's silly resolutions (I achieved most of mine, yay!), and the laughs had while playing Jackbox games (how did I not know about these until now!?), I'd say the night was a success!

The girls decided to have some fun with coordinated sequin dresses. They were a $40 Amazon Prime purchase that fit all of us (sizes M-XXL are all being worn here, mostly true to size), in an abundance of colors - we represent 6 of the 12 available (taller girls, take note: it will be short!). 

We're already thinking of opportunities to swap colors amongst ourselves and wear them again.

While I'm not sure if I can top my 2019 record of 30 shows seen, I am starting the year off right with a show today at a Baltimore theatre I'm embarrassed to say I haven't yet been to. 


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