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December 21, 2014 Baltimore, MD, USA

disclaimer: we were given frames from firmoo in exchange for our opinions which are our own.

"I need new sunglasses," Sean told me as we were out running errands one day.

"OK," I told him.

I can't tell you when this interaction took place or where it took place...because it's happened more times than I care to admit within the past several months. Sean's prescription sunglasses have been broken for longer than I can now remember. We both know he needs a new pair. But, between the lack of time (new job, new house, his coaching season) and the irritation of how much they cost when all is said and done....his sunglasses kept getting put off by both of us.

I'd seen mentions here and there of online discount glasses retailers and made a mental note to check in on them. I failed at that, too. Until a bloggy friend of mine tried out Firmoo and introduced us. There was no way I could say no!

What is Firmoo? An online retailer for eyewear (including prescription) that is much more affordable than most stores and pretty easy as well. Pick your frames, enter your prescription, choose any customizations, and boom! Affordable glasses that didn't involve a trip to the optometrist (unless your prescription is outdated. Then I seriously recommend an eye exam!)

You can even upload your photo to "try on" all the frames!

Sean has a few mandatory requirements for his prescription sunglasses (like polarization) that he will never budge on. These were all available with Firmoo and when all was said and done, the completed glasses we made retailed at less than $100!. That's a lot of savings compared to past pairs he's purchased at the optometrist! (full disclosure - we received the frames from Firmoo in exchange for our thoughts and paid only for custom options)

Sean's been wearing these for a bit over a month now, and he says he still likes them a lot - he can see clearly through the lenses and feels the polarization is effective. The only huge difference from his last pair (besides that these are still intact and the others aren't) is the larger temples which make peripheral vision a little different - something to consider when looking at frames! They also came with some essentials - hard and soft cases, a cleaning cloth, and mini repair kit.

Overall, this was an easy experience. Sean e-mailed me his choice, I called his eye doctor, and we had frames ordered within a day with both of us working in our respective offices. The only downside was the long shipping (almost two weeks, they shipped from China). If the glasses aren't urgent, this isn't a huge deal, but be aware. The bottom line? Firmoo is a great fit for our busy schedule, they're budget-friendly, and the product quality has been great thus far. We'd definitely use them again.

Oh....and if you need glasses? Check them out: they offer the first pair free to new customers. Yes, free! go!

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