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December 19, 2014 Baltimore, MD, USA

Disclosure: this post mentions a product given to me by Axiology Beauty via in exchange for my opinions which are my own.

This year, since we have Anise, we decided to send out photo Christmas cards for the first time.

Naturally, she stole the show. We should have just made this the photo, but we opted to do a family shot which I'll be sharing  next week. In the meantime, enjoy some other fun shots:

It was such a fun experience. Our normal photographer wasn't available so we ended up giving a complete stranger from Groupon a try. We also wanted to try a new location and found this neat farm with Christmas trees and a petting zoo (hence that adorable bunny - and don't worry, Anise was in the car by then!)

What also excited me was that just a few days before the photo shoot, I got a vegan lipstick in the mail to try from Axiology Beauty. You all know how much I love my natural products! Lipstick has always been the hardest cosmetic for me to find.  I often feel like I have to choose between the right texture or the right color.

Also, the case clicks open and shut. No more lost lids!
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I put this on. It feels smooth, smells nice, and has a natural looking color ("the goodness") that doesn't wash me out (being fair skinned, my lips are also rather light so I want something that gives subtle color and doesn't scream "hey! lipstick here!")

I'm definitely happy with how the lipstick looked in the photos. For comparison, I thought I'd throw in an anniversary photo we took earlier this year. I'm also wearing lipstick but you sure can't tell. Hello, pale!

So, win-win. Yay for new pictures and places and lipstick! Be sure to check out Axiology's other pretty colors!

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