Breeze Mode: a First World Fairy Tale

December 11, 2014

Once upon a time (5+ years ago), I was lying in a tanning bed (tsk, tsk, I know. I promise I don't do that anymore!). I'd never been to this location before and I noticed the fan in the room wasn't constantly blowing bur rather producing breezes as if I were relaxing outside.

This is pretty freaking awesome, I thought to myself. I must have one.

I went online in search of a fan with "breeze mode," took one look at the price tags, and said Nevermind; guess I won't be having one after all.

Soon enough, breeze mode was forgotten. So was a fan. We didn't even remember to register for one when we married in 2010. Thankfully, a family friend gave us the gift of choice - a catalog from which you could choose one of many gifts. We saw a basic tower fan, and realizing we had no fan...well, you know where this is going.

Fast forward and that fan to this day is one of our most-used gifts. But, now we've transitioned from a one bedroom apartment to a home with almost triple the space. We could use another fan or two. When I saw that Ozeri needed some reviewers for their 3x tower fan, I thought, wow, what a funny looking fan, then jumped on the chance to have another fan in the house!

Funny looks aside, I'm sure you know where this is going. I hadn't read much about the Ozeri 3x tower fan ahead of time, but I pulled it out of the box and started pushing buttons (the only real way to know a product is to play with it yourself). The fan is slim and pretty quiet, which rocks, but less than a minute in, I see an illuminated palm tree icon appear on the fan's LED control panel. OMG! This fan has breeze mode, people!

LED panel. image via Ozeri.

Really, I was sold right there. If you want my honest opinion of this fan, you should get it because it has breeze mode which is awesome. That's all I need.

Well, leave it to Sean to be objective. He doesn't share my appreciation for breeze mode and went about playing with the rest of the features for me. Remember how I thought the fan looked a little...different from the other fans? Included in the gazillion modes (yes, there's a timer; yes, it oscillates; yes, there are multiple speeds; yes, there is a remote...and a place to store it!) is the fact that there's actually 3 mini fans in the tower that can be controlled individually. So if you want a little air in your face and none near your've got it!

I'm still stuck at breeze mode (of course I switched it back), but I'm pretty confident this fan has a mode to meet everyone's liking. And while I don't think I'll need it, it does include a warranty. I may have to grab another.
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