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December 19, 2019 Washington, DC, USA

Before I saw Jersey Boys for the first time, I would have told you that the Four Seasons was a hotel.

When the tour came to Baltimore a few years ago, I went out of curiosity. It was a Tony award winner (and Grammy, and Olivier winner), so it had to be good, right?

I went with my mother in law, fully expecting she'd appreciate a show about a band who rose to fame in the 60's more than I could. I was pleasantly surprised as I realized I was familiar with a fair amount of the catalog.

There was Bye Bye Baby, which I'd heard Liam Neeson attribute to the Bay City Rollers in Love Actually.

There was Can't Take My Eyes off You, the song that made me swoon when Patrick serenaded Kat in the teen flick 10 Things I Hate About You.

There was December, 1963, the song you hear...everywhere.

Sure, the songs were from the 60's, but they were classics so strong that they'd found new life in my generation. I had a blast that night and was thrilled for a second dose of Frankie, Tommy, Nick, and Bob when I heard the production was nearby at DC's National Theatre.

I attended opening week, Xennial friend in tow, and was pleased to see an age-diverse crowd (I frequently lament that I'm the youngest audience member when I attend theatre productions). In fact, the teenagers a few row in front of me were dancing in their seats when the opening number began. A woman to our right squealed every time a number she knew played. Three different Boomers in front of us whipped out their phones to try and record Big Girls Don't Cry (while I appreciate the enthusiasm, a friendly reminder that recording performances is a no-no).

I had a pretty sheltered upbringing, similar to my guest. When I asked if she was familiar with any of the songs post-show, she said:

"Personally I heard many of those songs but didn’t know it was The Four Seasons or even the same band until I saw the movie. They’re just popular songs I guess. For even a sheltered girl like me."

Whether born in 63, 83, or 2003, Jersey Boys is a fun crowd-pleaser that generations can enjoy together, but keep in mind that it is recommended for ages 12+ due to language and mature content. 

If you're looking for some quality time with family over this holiday break, the show will be in town through Sunday, January 5. Grab your tickets and enjoy! Or, take your chances with the ticket lottery: Two hours prior to all Jersey Boys show times, individuals may submit their names in person to be drawn to purchase up to two tickets at $25 per ticket. Twenty lottery seats will be available for purchase for each of the performances. Names will be announced 30 minutes after the entry period begins (90 minutes prior to the show time). Individuals must be present, with cash, to redeem the offer.

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