Once On This Island National Tour | Hershey, PA

December 27, 2019 Hershey, PA, USA

Who: My neighbors & I
What: Once on This Island, the touring production of the 2018 revival
When: December 2019
Where: Hershey Theatre, Hershey, PA
Why: Sand and stage? Sign me up!
Thoughts: If I'm counting right, I saw 30 shows in 2019. I can say with absolute certainty that Once on This Island was the most magical theatre experience of the year. I had never heard of it prior to the revival but a little bit of research and I knew I had to see it.

While not staged in the round like on Broadway, the tour provides it's own immersion most notably through onstage seating.  For ~$20, I figured the view would be bad but took the gamble due to the uniqueness of the experience.


It was the coolest thing ever! Actors arrive on stage shortly after the doors open for a pre-show experience only those sitting on stage can truly appreciate. The set is a beach littered heavily after a storm, and characters interact with each other, discussing the damage and cleaning up until it's truly time for the show to begin. The view was always phenomenal and it often felt like the performers connected with the audience.

The show itself is short and sweet (90 minutes, no intermission). That doesn't allow it to dig as deep as other shows, but it's really more about the experience. Visually, I couldn't stop noticing and admiring all the design elements of both the set and costumes - it was so creative and relevant!

I'm hoping the tour comes to Baltimore or DC next season so I can see it again. If it's coming to your town, don't miss it! The onstage seats are a steal and will be one of your coolest theatre experiences!

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