Beth Millner Jewelry: 5 Favorites + 5 Winner Giveaway!

June 22, 2018 Marquette, MI, USA


"I don’t know if this jewelry is your style, but thought I would let you know about this opportunity in case it is!"

The Facebook message popped up from a friend of Sean's who had lived in Michigan's upper peninsula for many years. I clicked the link and perused the jewelry offerings. Oh, it was definitely my style. I own plenty of leaf clothes and earrings, but this took my love for nature inspired pieces up a notch. Yes, I was definitely going to apply for an opportunity to be an ambassador for Beth Millner Jewelry.

Short background: Beth Millner started making jewelry in her home in 2007 while she was still in college. These days, she has grown into a storefront with 5–7 employees in Marquette, Michigan. The best thing is that while she's grown, her principles have stayed the same: her pieces are all hand made in an eco-friendly, sustainable fashion (think recycled silver and mailers), and she gives back to her community - I recently got a sneak peek at one of her fundraiser jewelry pieces and I'm looking forward to making it mine!

In exchange for my ambassadorship, Beth sent me some pieces to wear and show off this summer. You can see my unboxing here, but of course, my wish list is long, so I thought I'd share my top 5 favorites with everyone. Keep reading to the end, because I have 5 gift cards up for grabs to choose your own favorite Beth Millner Jewelry pieces!

Minimalist Single Wave Earrings 

Blossoming Fields Statement Necklace

Summer Twig Ring

Birch Tree Earrings

Small Superior Gates Pendant

Seriously, how stunning are all of these? You can shop by "theme" on her website to pinpoint pieces that are exactly your style, and this summer Beth is giving all of my readers a 5% discount with code BWALSH5!

Also, 5 people will win a $20 gift card for any Beth Miller Jewelry piece. How awesome is that!? Enter for your chance below!

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  1. Beth’s jewelry is great! I like tons of her jewelry, but love anything with greenstone in it. Although she’s produced some agate jewelry lately that I love, like this one:

  2. I simply love those earrings. Oh, so pretty! Delicate but long enough to be seen in my hair!

  3. I love the Sugar Loaf Mountain ring.

  4. leia617 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. I love the blossoming fields necklace.

  6. Love the Spring Agate Wonderland Pendant No. 2!

  7. I love the Small Spring Buttercup Ring!

  8. Love the ocean inspired pieces



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