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March 6, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

I haven't done much reading since last summer, but Sean and I recently celebrated 13 years together, and he gifted me with two books based on the events of my favorite Broadway show, Come From Away! He's also gifted me other CFA related items in the past year including the soundtrack and a bottle of screech, but today, we're talking books! I gobbled both of these up in no time. The first took time between two days only because the recent Nor'easter shut our power off. The second I finished in under two hours.

September 11 books Gander Newfoundland

The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland

Journalist Jim DeFede compiled this account not long after the original events took place: the book was published in 2002. Story after story of the "come from aways" and the Newfoundland locals who cared for them when their transatlantic flights were diverted to Gander will make you smile, laugh, and cry. I loved that some of the stories accounted for in this book went on to become storylines in CFA while others were new—at least to me! There were so many new and interesting details that I was constantly stopping to say "huh" and share what I'd learned with Sean. At 244 pages, DeFede could have doubled the length of the book and I'd still enthusiastically absorb every word.

Channel of Peace: Stranded in Gander on 9/11

Originally published in 2017, author Kevin Tuerff recently expanded and republished his book this year for good reason. He is one of the "plane people" who received kindness in Newfoundland and is also a featured character in CFA. Channel of Peace is Tuerff's personal account of his experience in 2001 and everything that is happened since from his Pay it Forward 9/11 initiative to his many return visits to Newfoundland and the success of CFA

While both books deal with the same subject matter, they couldn't be more different. These are two unique accounts that, like CFA, I hesitate to call a "9/11" story. What both books are really addressing are the good in humanity that happened as a reaction to one of America's worst days. Both are so relevant and worth the time to read.

What have you read recently?

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  1. Ive been meaning to read "The Day the World Came to Town"


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