Come From Away

May 23, 2017 New York, NY, USA

Who: Sean and I (if you don't know, this is a huge deal. Sean hates musicals and NYC)
What: Come from Away, the true story of 38 planes grounded after 9/11 and the town that took them in. | tickets

When: April 2017
Where: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, Broadway
Why: I'd been dying to see it before it even came to Broadway. It was actually nearby in DC, but by the time I found out, no good tickets were available.
Thoughts:We got tickets as part of a Show Score Social (if you don't know, Show Score is basically the Rotten Tomatoes of Broadway, plus they offer all sorts of great deals and contests!). The pro to this was affordable orchestra seats and the chance to mingle with other theatre geeks after the show. The con was not being able to choose specific seats. Thankfully, Gerald Schoenfeld is fairly small, so even though our orchestra seats were in the dead last row (and on the right, which is my worst nightmare due to my ear issues), I could see and hear everything just fine. 

I hesitate to call any show my favorite, but if you pressed me, this would be the one. I am obsessed! The soundtrack plays in my car constantly, and I social media lurk anything to do with the show like nobody's business. Come from Away has only been on Broadway 2–3 months, yet they've already announced a national tour—so you know it's gotta be amazing!

Have you had a chance to see Come from Away yet? Give the soundtrack a listen here (warning, once you start, you won't be able to stop!) 

Share your thoughts in the comments, then take a look at the other shows I've seen here.

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