Every Week's re·solve: Do More Your(my)self

January 15, 2013

Once upon a time (last July to be exact), I was lying on my futon at home recovering from ear surgery. Bored out of my mind, I decided to surf Pinterest. What caught my eye that day was an uber-popular Pumpkin Dip pin that came from Carolina Charm. Whomever the pinner was pinned the blog and not the specific post. What began as a hunt for said pin turned into the discovery of 1. one of my favorite blogs, and 2. that I could, in fact, do a lot more myself than I'd initially thought.

I found the pin, but along the way became enamored with many others. Thanks to Christina and her delightful blog, There is a glass of "sassy water" next to the laptop as I write this, and in my freezer is a highly useful container of taco seasoning that I made on my own (in all of 15 seconds or so - check her out and find out for yourself!).

If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever forgo buying packets of taco seasoning to make my own, I likely would have shrugged you off. $1 a packet doesn't seem like much, and I never considered the additives. I might have even said I didn't have the time or know-how.

Well, I know I'm not alone in that. In fact, I stopped to write this blog post because the media even exploits that feeling. Look what I came across in February's issue of Better Homes & Gardens:

(Side note: I was equally appalled at this as an Irishwoman as I was as an up and coming DIY-er...what do you mean, who has time to make mashed potatoes  It ain't that hard and I personally find the stuff in the box offensive. Most of the time is waiting for 'em to boil!)

Yes, I stopped and scanned it. I find myself doing that a lot lately. As I have resolved to do more things myself, I have become more and more aware that I was lying to myself and the media was helping.

All the changes didn't happen at once. A pin here, a blog post there - I give something a try, and inevitably I think "Wow, that was easy. I can't believe I avoided this before. I can keep this up!" (i.e. homemade laundry detergent - I do NOT miss buying the overpriced stuff from the store.)

Long story short, I see an idea and resolve to try it. Often, it results in me resolving to continue it. I can't wait to find the next thing!

Any suggestions? What do you like to do yourself vs. letting the stores win?

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  1. So, I just HAD to comment. Comments on comments on comments. I love Carolina Charm. She was one of the first blogs I lurked at. And I also love Pinterest. Just gives me another excuse to try things. It has also saved our family a bit of money cause we have been trying to make things that we would normally buy.


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