This week's re·solve: Fruit

January 9, 2013 Maryland, USA

I love fruit. It's sweet, delicious, healthy, and convenient. There isn't much not to love, really. Yet, somehow, I can forget about it when it's time to eat.

Every year, the articles on resolutions say to set specific goals if you want to be successful and not fail by the end of the month like most will. Instead of "eat better," "eat healthy," "work out more," etc. we should try, "finish a bottle of water by noon," "attend Wednesday yoga," or "eat a fruit a day." It's easy, attainable, and not nearly so overwhelming.

Hence why I chose to call my blog RESOLVE. I can resolve to make little changes one at a time...anytime. I can constantly better myself and my life this way.

Back to the point: my resolve this week was to eat more fruit. Scratch that. What does that mean? What does that look like? I bought a ton of fruit this week and don't want the bananas browning by the end of the week like they so often have just because I didn't specify what I meant.

No. This week, I gave myself a rule - a fruit had to be included with every meal. Specific. It's not a diet, but it's an improvement as it means I'm eating at least 3 servings a day. It means if I rush off to Chick-Fil-A on my lunch break, I'm not filling up on those yummy waffle fries and forgoing other important nutrients. I'm not depriving myself, but I'm still helping myself. It means when I ordered pizza on Monday because I was home alone and too lazy to cook, I ate a banana while I awaited the delivery - I don't have to feel like the whole evening was junk!

These will be finished before that brown goes any further!
What does this look like? Grab an apple for breakfast. Bring a banana to work for a snack. Have another apple with your lunch. Thaw out some frozen berries and sprinkle them with sugar for dessert after dinner. (Or sneak that fruit in before you go out to eat or call something in!) Accessibility is key. If the fruit is there and accessible, you've made it easy on yourself. Those apples are great when I'm rushing into a morning shift, but I I know I'd get bored. Some tasty mangoes were waiting me for mornings I worked a little later and had the time to cut one up and enjoy at home.

Did I lose five pounds? I don't know. I'm not watching the scale or stressing myself out. I'm simply resolving to do something better for my body and have peace in the awareness that beneficial things are going in every day.

What's your resolve this week?

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