Frozen on Broadway

September 16, 2019 New York, NY, USA

Frozen Broadway

Who: Amy & I
What: Disney's cash cow, Frozen, now on Broadway
When: August 2019
Where: St. James Theatre, New York
Why: Even though I think the film is overrated, it's a good one and I was excited to see Broadway's take on the story.

My most common complaint about live theatre is that I am the youngest person in attendance.

Surprise! Not the case with Frozen.

Disney expected this and planned accordingly. The show is a mere 2 hours to keep young attention spans, and a pre-show announcement welcomes the kiddos, encouraging them to make Frozen their first of many Broadway shows. YES.

Brevity aside, this is exactly what you would expect from a Disney on Broadway show. You have your original story and songs with a few small tweaks and a handful of new songs. Younger audience members will be excited by the former (brace yourselves for kids trying to sing along), while the latter is what made the show memorable for me. I've had "Dangerous to Dream" from the cast recording stuck in my head for days!

The most notable difference for me was a change in Kristoff's character, which made a lot more sense to me. Combine that with some relatable new songs and a magical snowfall at the end, and you've got a signature Disney experience.

It's a fun show and it will stick around as long as there are kids begging to go and parents who can afford their admission. While it's not nearly as elaborate as neighboring Disney on Broadway hits The Lion King and Aladdin, it hits the mark in welcoming new theatre goers to Broadway and is still a charming experience. Just be prepared for an antsier audience. 

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