The Play That Goes Wrong Tour | Baltimore, MD

June 10, 2019 Baltimore, MD, USA

Who: Sean & I
What: The Play That Goes Wrong, "The funniest play Broadway has ever seen"
When: June 2019
Where: Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD
Why: Anniversary Date!

Thoughts: A cast member described The Play That Goes Wrong as the "surprise show" of many subscriber's seasons. He was right. I'd heard of the show and knew it was a play, not a musical, and I knew it was supposed to be funny and, well...go wrong. But that was all I knew.

Admittedly, I didn't go in with high expectations...but, wow! The show was hysterical. Sean and I were cracking up the entire show along with the rest of the audience. I heard others screaming in some places! Some pre-show antics from "stage management" set the tone for an entertaining ride. If it comes to your town...don't miss it!

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