December to Remember: Office Party Gift Guide Under $25 + Giveaway Hop!

December 1, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

The spouse, the kids, the parents, the besties...there are so many gifts to buy right now! I personally like to get a head start and I love the feeling of being "done"—until I inevitably remember that one recipient or event I forgot. Then I'm hustling last minute to find that perfect appropriate gift for the office Santa swap. Whether it's a white elephant swap, a tactful boss' gift, or secret Santa, I've noticed that these affordable items tend to be crowd-pleasers:

  • Doggy bag lunch bag: I stole this last year and it was immediately stolen from me. I'm still bummed.
  • Bento box kit: I love how neatly this one stacks up. It has everything you need and comes in 3 other colors!
  • Succulent planters: Also available in an assortment of colors, it's the perfect low-maintenance way to beautify a desk
  • Volcano candle: A classic. One party I went to had three of these floating around (they were all stolen!)
  • RFID passport wallet: Perfect for frequent travelers. Choose from an abundance of colors!
  • Noise cancelling earbuds: Your cube-dwelling colleagues will thank you. The ear grips also make them perfect for the gym.
  • Holiday tea set: Every bit as popular as coffee in my office. Such a festive assortment!
 What's your go-to office party gift?

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  1. My go-to office party gift is a Starbucks gift card or candles...

  2. I like to give candy as a gift.

  3. My go-to office party gift is always a $25 gift card to Amazon, Walmart or some other 'sells everything' store. I know some people don't like giving/receiving gift cards but I really love them myself and I'd rather give someone the option to buy something they'll like than to get them something they don't when I'm not super sure about what they're into!

  4. You cant go wrong with a notebook or writing utensil gift for office partys!

  5. We may be missing the token office USB plug in - whether a diffuser, fan, or any funny gadget there is always one present!

  6. I am not sure but Office Space would be a fun gift for a office party

  7. A nice bottle of wine is my go to office party gift.

  8. I don't have office parties. Downside of working from home. I do tech support for Apple's WAH program.

  9. A bottle of wine and candles are my to go gifts.

  10. We do a big luncheon instead of gifts in our school office. We also have a donation bin for people to give deodorant, gloves, etc. to students who need it.

  11. A big box of Chocolates Is a great gift.

  12. My go to office party gift is a $25 Starbucks Gift Card! As busy labor and delivery nurses we need that extra pick me up!

  13. Notebook or gift card to Target.

  14. Portable charger or power bank for cell phone or other devices.

  15. My go to gifts would be candles for women, salami, cheese and crackers gift box for men and Starbucks or Target gift card for either.


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