I tried Dia & Co.: Part 2

November 5, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

If you missed it, I decided to get more adventurous in my game of fashion subscription roulette, so I signed up for Dia & Co., a subscription specifically for us curvier ladies. Thanks to a promotion combined with the use of Ebates, not only did I try my first box for free, I was paid $10! Not bad.

You can read about my first Dia box here, or TL;DR: I sent everything back.

Of course, the point of subscriptions is they are supposed to improve based on your feedback, so I filled out all my likes and dislikes and awaited the second shipment (which I did, in fact pay the $20 styling fee for). Here's what they chose for me:

Molly & Isladora Candy Stripe Cardigan, $65

This is close to my style but  more on the casual side, so I wouldn't get any work wear out of it. Also, I can't tell if the sleeves are 3/4 or just too short. Returned. 

Molly & Isladora Candy Stripe Cardigan, $65

Cameo Stephy Mix Blouse, $65

I was thrilled when I pulled this out of the box! I loved the color, flowy fabric, and cute keyhole accent in the back. Then I put it on, and....why does everything have big sleeves!? I'm a simple person who likes simple sleeves. I wanted to keep this so bad but just couldn't get past the big sleeves and fit. Returned.

Delancey Studio Hudson Bootcut Jean, $69

These were a nice thick denim which will be great in cooler temps and I liked the clean, dark wash. I prefer skinny to bootcut, but kept these since they fit great and I didn't want to lose my styling fee.

Cameo Stephy Mix Blouse, $65 Delancey Studio Hudson Bootcut Jean, $69

Tulsa Necklace, $28

This is the most perplexing accessory I've ever received in a subscription box. The stone is "real": it's heavy, it's nice, it's not plastic. The metal setting and chain, however, looked and felt like something out of a gumball machine. Usually accessories are one or the other. It was odd to have one that was both. Returned.

Rafaella Trista Grommet Trim Top, $59

Here we go again with the sleeves. WHY!? I shared this on insta live and a lot of people seemed to love it, but Sean said I looked like I was going to go perform at a rodeo, so....returned. Also, the fabric was an icky poly-ish blend.

Tulsa Necklace, Rafaella Trista Grommet Trim Top


This was close. Sooo close. The colors and overall simplicity were right on, but each item had some sort of detail that was just a no for me. What can I say, I'm a picky girl. The stylist is definitely on the right track, so I've put in more feedback and requested another box for November. Stay tuned!

What would you have kept from this box? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I totally get a rodeo vibe from that shirt too. I hope the next time is better!


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