Stitch Fix Men: Haul #3

October 29, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

Stitch Fix Men

Sean recently received his third box from Stitch Fix men. As a recap, he kept two items from his first fix and none from the second (it included a shirt he loved but that wasn't available in his size). For this fit, we didn't put in any requests of the stylist. 

If you're not familiar, Stitch Fix is a styling service that sends 5 pieces of clothing/accessories chosen for you each month (or whatever frequency you prefer; we have Sean set up every other month while I get fixes closer to every 3 weeks). After taking a style quiz and paying a $20 styling fee, you try everything on at home, keeping what you want and returning what you don't in a prepaid mailer. Your fee is applied to your purchase. They are available in a wide range of sizes for men, women, and children.

Here's what Sean's stylist Lukas chose for him this time:

Threads 4 Thought | Baseline Long Sleeve Henley | $48

This was soft and comfy but a little snug in the midsection and ultimately, it's an overpriced henley. Returned. 

Threads 4 Thought | Baseline Long Sleeve Henley | $48

Flag & Anthem | Castelton Chino | $59.50
Even Tide | Denali Two Pocket Doublecloth Workshirt | $60 

These pieces were both winners, but Sean hated the idea of paying $60 for a button down (I didn't disagree), so only the chinos were kept.

Even Tide | Denali Two Pocket Doublecloth Workshirt | $60

Random Access | Heatsink One Pocket Denim Shirt | $49.50

We loved the shirt at first sight, then started noticing weird details like how only the bottom two buttons have red detailing and how the cuffs don't have the second button to offer the tighter fit Sean prefers. So close. Returned.

Random Access | Heatsink One Pocket Denim Shirt | $49.50

Fairlane | Regular Fit Easton Refined Blazer | $118

 It was a nice enough blazer, but as you can see, it's way too big. We've noticed it's been harder for him than me to acheive the right fit with Stitch Fix which has come as a surprise. Returned.

The Verdict

The items were good picks for Sean. He only kept one, but would have kept others if it weren't for pricing or fit issues. They've definitely got his style down, now we just need to fine tune the rest. He's enjoying receiving the fixes and is looking forward to the next one. I've ordered it to come a little earlier with the request of pieces he can wear to holiday parties. Stay tuned!

Which piece was your favorite? Would you sign your man up for Stitch Fix? Let me know in the comments!

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