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August 16, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

You may not have noticed, but I love theatre.

The shows I highlight here are ones I've seen on Broadway and/or a national tour, but I also see plenty of shows locally that I haven't mentioned, and I've been seeing plenty of great things in the Baltimore area. It would be a disservice not to mention the amazing productions I've seen locally. Keep reading for a listing of my favorite places!

Pro tip: check out Goldstar to find discounted prices for live events in your area, including theatre! I've used this many times to see shows at places that are normally priced a little higher than I prefer, and I've found theatre troupes I didn't even know about! If you're new to the site, be sure to sign up using my link for $7 off your first purchase.

Shows Seen Lately

Company: Dundalk Community Theatre | Dundalk, MD
Show: Avenue Q
When: June 2018
Thoughts: I'd heard about this show but never seen it, so when my friend found out about this local production, I was game! We even talked Sean into coming along (he hates most musicals) and he found it hilarious! The ticket price of $20 was reasonable and justified by the set, talent of the cast, and overall production quality. It didn't *feel*  like community theatre.

Company: ArtsCentric | Station North, Baltimore, MD
Show: AIDA
When: August 2018
Thoughts: Another show I'd heard great things about and hadn't seen. I jumped at the opportunity to go when it popped up on an e-mail from Goldstar.

ArtsCentric is self described as a "color-conscious organization committed to re-examining traditional roles in the arts." In the case of AIDA, this meant an all-black cast (I was stunned when reading up on this show, which takes place in Africa, to find that original Broadway cast included talented but white leads such as Adam Pascal and Sherie Renee Scott) which made perfect sense to me.

Again, the cast was very talented! The listed price was $30 and we paid about $20 including fees through Goldstar. Some of the set pieces and costumes felt cheap, but my biggest complaint was the constant sound issues. Throughout the entire performance, there were issues of feedback and mics cutting in and out. Despite the space being quite small, I couldn't hear many of the songs which frustrated me. This happened on opening night, and I've since read reviews that had all glowing things to say, so hopefully this means all glitches have been resolved. I'd definitely go back to another ArtsCentric show, but perhaps not on opening night.

Favorite Local Places to See Shows

Company/Location: Olney Theatre Center | Olney, MD
About: It took me awhile to understand this, but Olney isn't a traditional community theatre. They put on high-quality productions featuring equity actors, and given this, the ticket prices are much higher than other shows one might see locally. When I first heard about Olney, they were showing Carousel at $60/pop. I wanted so badly to see it, but couldn't justify the price tag. Increasing quality and talent has continued to increase the price tag, with their recent production of In the Heights selling for $90 and including actor Robin De Jesus who was in the original Broadway production. While I missed Carousel, I later discovered Goldstar and have been able to attend a handful of productions since. Each one has been great, and each one has been better than the last.
Favorite Productions: Evita, My Fair Lady, In the Heights

Company/Location: Toby's Dinner Theatre | Columbia, MD
About: Toby’s presents Broadway and original musicals in the round with a buffet-style dinner. As far as dinner theatres go, Toby's is one of the best I have been to. I'd love to see some updates to make the venue and food more modern, but the show quality is excellent and I'm always happy to attend, again with the help of Goldstar discounts. Can't beat dinner and a show!
Favorite Productions: South Pacific, Show Boat

Company/Location: Vagabond Players | Fells Point, Baltimore, MD
About:Vagabond Players is America's oldest continuously running little theatre, located in the historic Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland...a few steps away from my office. Cool, huh? The prices are reasonable with one discounted Thursday performance for each show - I try to make it to this one when I can! The theatre is small and intimate with  no bad seat in the house. I've seen one musical and one play so far (more to come!) and was impressed with the quality of both.
Favorite Productions: Little Shop of Horrors, Bad Jews

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  1. So cool. Ive been to small theatric plays but never to Broadway etc and its a dream of mine!


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