I'm Plus Sized and I Tried Stitch Fix

April 2, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

I don't discuss fashion here much for a reason: It frustrates me. I'm tall, curvy, and my sizing is as awkward as it gets: just too large for normal misses' clothing, and a tad small/differently shapen for a good fit with plus sized clothing.

Stitch Fix plus size

Don't even get me started on the fact that shopping for plus size clothing in most stores is like a walk of shame: you have little to no selection off in some corner and the clothes are mostly frump to the max. Can't you just take the normal stuff and size it up a little more? It sucks.

When my (size 2) friend recently decided to try Stich Fix to spruce up her spring wardrobe for work, I scoffed. I've seen dozens of bloggers sing their praises, but I'd also seen things I didn't like when looking into them for myself: 1. The prices are more than I like to spend on clothes and 2. They are size exclusive. As I was telling her my woes, she seemed genuinely surprised. They have lower prices and plus sizes, she assured me.

I decided to take another look, and she was right! Stitch Fix indeed now offers more price points and more sizes. I took the style test, paid my deposit, and my first fix was on my doorstep (ok, in my office) in a matter of days.

Stylish plus size clothing with Stitch Fix - Bekah Loves Blog

Pause: for those who have no clue what I'm talking about, Stich Fix is a clothing subscription service where a stylist selects and sends clothing to you at predetermined intervals based on your size and style preferences. As the stylist gets to know you, the fixes should in theory keep improving. You can even make special requests (i.e., I would normally request work clothes, but maybe I'd ask for a nice dress if I knew I was attending a wedding). You can further "help" your stylist by sharing personal blogs and social media pages, particularly a Pinterest style board (I've heard this emphasized over and over again, so I started one)

Back to the box: I awaited it with skepticism, but was impressed at first sight: it was full of navy, yellow, and green - colors that dominate my current wardrobe. I felt like the stylist right away had a good sense of both what I like and what I was looking for (I have lots of comfy basics but want to polish my look more for work.)

Included in each shipment is photos of each item including styling suggestions.

I was sent four tops and a skirt in my first fix:

Gilli Morgen skirt, 2X, $48

Gilli Morgen skirt

This skirt was made of the silkiest feeling fabric and I thought it was a win, but in the photo card it appeared navy and yellow while in person it was actually grey,black,and yellow which just isn't a favorite combo of mine. I sent this one back (but would totally love to try this in other prints or colors)

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan, $38

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

This is comfy basics at it's finest. It's soft, light, long, and reasonably priced. I kept this and sent a note to the stylist to see if it comes in ivory as I've been looking for a cardi like this one for awhile.

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Benni Crossfront Knit Top, $32

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Benni Crossfront Knit Top

I was really nervous when I saw this because it appeared to have a plunging neckine when I explicitly stated I needed to keep the girls covered without being frumpy. Thankfully, it was an illusion - this top actually has a super cute high neckline and will go great with my maxi and pencil skirts in warmer weather. I kept this.

Marcelo Super Tunic Button Up Top, $48

Marcelo Super Tunic Button Up Top,

I love tunics and am a huge fan of the army green color, but the fit was way off: while I do try to conceal my midsection, here it was way too loose, and even with leggings, the slits were so high that this was not a work appropriate option.

Collective Concepts Shandler Split Neck Blouse, $48

Collective Concepts Shandler Split Neck Blouse

I was most excited about this top. It was exactly the kind of thing I am looking for in my work wardrobe - a dressy blouse that isn't button down (hello, chest gaps) in a pretty print. At first sight, I was sure this would be the winner, but I tried it on and the billowy sleeves were comically huge. I felt like I looked ridiculous, so this one sadly had to go back. With more proportionate sleeves, this would have been an easy keep.

The verdict? My skepticism has certainly diminished. I kept 2/5 items on the first try and feel confident that future fixes can only improve. I love that whether you keep or return an item, Stitch Fix asks questions regarding style, fit, quality, and general comments to keep improving!

I'm glad to know that Stitch Fix has grown recently in terms of accessibility to more women (and men! they offer a men's fix). If you are like me and previously opted out due to size or budget, I'd encourage you to give it a try again. Your $20 styling fee is applied towards any clothing you keep, and there is a nice discount for keeping the entire fix (mine would have only been $140 this month!)

If you've tried Stitch Fix, share your experience in the comments.
If not, is it something you'd like to try?

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  1. Glad it somewhat worked out for you! I'm so hesitant to try stuff like this because my body doesn't fit well in most clothes. I so feel you on the clothes shopping nightmare.

  2. Looks fairly successful! 2 out of 5 is amazing on a first try, I think.

    Can't wait to get my first Fix next week!

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