The Best Holiday Party Prep — From Your Laptop!

November 24, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

Guys, I was so proud of myself. I did all my Thanksgiving shopping the weekend before. No crazy last minute crowds for me! While my pumpkin dessert baked in the oven, I started popping corks to blend my cran-apple sangria. What a great Thanksgiving Eve!

I took one last look at the recipe to confirm I'd added everything to the sangria before leaving it to chill, and that's when I saw it. I didn't buy seltzer water. One. freaking. ingredient. Out to the store on Thanksgiving Eve with the unprepared crazies I go.

There's always next time.

Next time happens to be when my family comes to visit in a few weeks and more holiday festivities commence. Thankfully, I can host all I want and not fight the crazies in the store for all my household essentials.

Walmart is super affordable, but it's not super close to my home, which is why their website is my go-to for ensuring my place is stocked and ready to host all of my guests this season.

There will be absolutely NO awkward "you're out of toilet paper" moments.

Noses, hands, and bums will all stay dry and my wallet won't. Win-win! I mean, look how easy this was:

  1. Visit Walmart's landing page.
  2. Choose your needed products (I love the Kleenex hand towels when I'm expecting lots of people. No icky wet guest towel!)
  3. If you're really hardcore, choose the subscription so you never run out!
  4. Smile because of the extra Ibotta savings you scored!
  5. Do a happy dance when you realize that 2 day shipping is free (or select free in-store pickup and skip the lines!)
  6. Relax with your guests knowing your home is well-stocked.

Great job; you saved time and got the best deals!

Is your home guest-ready for the holidays?

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  1. This is really smart. I'm forever forgetting toilet paper and paper towels before we have guests over.

  2. Your bathroom looks so cute and guest ready! I love it.
    And so smart to prep for no awkward "out of TP" moments!

  3. I totally keep forgetting about Ibotta. Thanks for the reminder! And I love how easy this was to get ready for holiday guests!

  4. So really great idea to stock up on the TP! Not that I've ever made a late night run on Christmas Eve because we ran out.... :-)

  5. So smart to have everything you need shipped to you! :) God knows we are all short on time as it is during the holidays.

  6. I love shopping through Walmart's website. Especially since they have two day shipping now! Bathroom prep is really smart around the holidays!

  7. Those kleenex boxes are cool, I like the unique shape.

  8. So many things I don't think about needing extras of when I am getting ready for company.

  9. Great idea instead of a germy towel!

  10. I have that same snowman soap dispenser! I love the idea of putting a shelf above the door..I have a super small bathroom and this would add so much more storage!

    1. Yes! We live in a historic rowhome with no bathroom storage (counters/vanities) at all, so we've really had to get creative. The shelf works great for us!


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