Month of Beauty + Giveaway: Blush and Balm

November 2, 2017

Happy November!

I know what you're thinking. Fall. Apples. Pumpkins. Thanksgiving. Holiday Shopping.

I'm an early bird when it comes to the latter and I have teamed up with 5 amazing ladies to help you check some people (or yourself) off your gift list.

Meet Robin. She's a dog lover, reader, and a hard-working SeneGence representative.

Robin is wearing nutmeg lipsense

Maybe you haven't heard of SeneGence, but I bet you've heard of LipSense. I discovered the amazingness for myself over the summer and my personal collection of lippies has since become downright embarrassing.

I've since discovered that there is so much more to SeneGence than their amazing lip color. All throughout November, we'll check out some amazing beauty products starting with 2 B's this week: blush and balm!

Senegence lip balm

I know, I know....all this talk of long lasting lip color and now I want to talk about lip balm? It sounds like a step backwards, but I assure you, it is not. The key to the best LipSense application is healthy, hydrated lips, so prepping with a great, moisturizing balm like this one is a must!

Robin is a die hard fan of the balm for good reason: after suffering allergic reactions from other balms, she found that SeneGence's lip balm soothed everything and prompted no reaction. As rich and luxurious as this stuff feels, I can totally believe it! I love wearing it to bed at night so my lips are ready for a fresh color application in the morning!

BlushSense, like LipSense, is a stay-put all day formula where a little bit goes a long way. Really! The tube makes it super convenient for travel, and application couldn't be quicker: dot the tiniest bit onto your cheeks, blend, and go! Robin sent me the color terra cotta, a beautiful peachy shade, and I love it! While it looks quite dark in the swatch, you can blend it as light or as dark as you like.

terra cotta blushsense

Bekah loves blog blushsense
just a hint of color for me! (and caramel latte LipSense)

On to the good stuff....giveaways! This is one post of five. Every single week this month, you have a chance to win a different SeneGence beauty product, so be sure to come back! This week, Robin is giving one winner a lip balm and choice of one BlushSense color. Enter below and be sure to come back next Thursday for another spotlight and giveaway!

Month of giveaways:

Week 1. Lip balm and BlushSense, Robin
Week 2. ShadowSense, Ashley
Week 3. LipSense color and gloss, Joanne
Week 4. Face cosmetics, Ashlee
Week 5. Senegence store credit, Kelly
 photo bl-signature_zpsa43ojanx.png


  1. I would most like to try the Toasted Rose!

  2. I’d like pouty pink for everyday wear! Thanks!

  3. would love to try the terra cotta :)

  4. I love all the blue based shades but I would love to try the Toasted Rose

  5. Oooooo.... I want to try them both! :)

  6. I'd love to try Toasted Rose! Terra Cotta looks really pretty, too!

  7. I would try the chocolate cherry or toasted rose

  8. The terra cotta would look best for my skintone.

  9. The blushsense color I'd like to try is the Pouty Pink.

  10. Love to try the Terra Cotta its such a pretty color.

  11. I think that Pouty Pink would be my color. I have light blond hair and fair skin. Is that the best color for me?

  12. I'm with everyone else...the Terra Cotta is gorgeous and I'd love to try it!

  13. I like the Terra Cotta color and would love to try it.

  14. I would like to try toasted rose.

  15. I'd probably try the chocolate cherry


  16. The trerra cotta looks perfect with your coloring, I would have thought it was too dark also. I would love to try the toasted rose, darker than what I would normally choose but your demo makes me think it would work for me.

  17. I love all the colors wow its like a dreamn

  18. I'm really, really light colored. I think I would say the pouty pink!

  19. I would definitely want to try the pouty pink.

  20. I would love to try the chocolate cherry!

  21. I love the terra cotta color!
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    Ashley C


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