The King & I

August 17, 2017 New York, NY, USA

Who: Me | My Mom & I | My Neighbor & I

What: The King & I, the classic story about Anna and the king of Siam
When: October 2015 | August 2017 | February 2019
Where: Vivian Beaumont theater, New York | The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC | The Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD

vivian beaumont theater

Why: Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals run in my blood

The fact that I've now seen this production three times should make it clear that I absolutely love it! The Broadway company put on a flawless production while each touring company since has made it their own "something wonderful" (of the two, I'm partial to the most recent company as of February 2019).

I'd grown up on the movie and enjoyed it, but as it should be, it didn't hold a candle to this gorgeous stage production.The play includes many songs and details not featured in the movie, and as an adult, I love and understand the story even more! Occasionally, I come across something referring to older musicals like this one as "problematic", but I assure you this is a progressive story, especially for its time! If the tour comes near you, don't miss it!

Have you seen The King & I on stage or screen? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Listen to the latest cast recording, then check out other shows I've seen here.

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