On Your Feet

August 22, 2017 New York, NY, USA

Who: My high school bestie & I
What: On Your Feet, the story of Gloria & Emilio Estefan

When: December 2015
Where: Marquis Theatre, New York
Why: Because Gloria Estefan!
Thoughts: I knew I wanted to see the show the very first time I heard about it (the Macy's parade performance only solidified that fact). My friend and I headed up just before Christmas (win-win!) and WOW! I was ready to watch it again and again. I was born in 85 so I knew most of the songs (even if I didn't realize until the show that they were her songs), but I had no idea about her life story prior to seeing the show. There was so much energy and talent on the stage. This quickly became one of my favorite Broadway shows, so I was bummed when they announced it was closing after two years (their last performance was this past Sunday, 8/20), but I'm thrilled to know the national tour is stopping in Baltimore next summer. I'll be there ready to conga!

Who else has seen On Your Feet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Press play on the original cast recording, and take a look at other shows I've seen here!

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