Beauty and the Beast

August 31, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

Who: My high school bestie & I
What: Beauty and the Beast, Disney's Broadway musical on tour
When: May 2016
Where: Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD
Why: Because Disney. I was making up for my theatre-less childhood.

Whoops! We bought our tickets too late and had to sit separately.

Thoughts: I love Disney and had never seen the BATB musical, so I was thrilled that the tour was visiting Baltimore. This is the first and only time I splurged on a prime center orchestra seat instead of my usual frugal limited view (which serves me quite well). I should have saved my money.

Here's the thing: the talent is there, the new songs just for the show are there (arguably some of my favorite Disney broadway tunes), the Disney's all there. But man, this show is dated. From the poor effects that were well below Disney magic standards to Belle's hideous dress that needs freshening up...just no. Theatre resources likely weren't as good when BATB first came to Broadway as they are now, but now is the time to revaluate what is available to make a stronger show. Can we make the stuffed animals in the beginning less obvious? Do something for action effects beside blackouts? Find a better way to let beast transform without poor Belle having to catch his mask and hide it (yes, I could totally see it)?

Close your eyes and it's a great show. Open them, and it's just not Broadway quality let alone Disney quality IMO.

I know BATB is crazy popular and to some, this may be heresy, but let me know in the comments: if you've seen the Broadway musical live, do you agree or disagree? If you haven't, definitely enjoy the amazing cast recording.

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