The Sound of Music

June 28, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

Who: My family and I
What: The Sound of Music (National tour)

When: December 2015
Where: The Hippodrome, Baltimore
Why: 1. To celebrate my mommy's birthday. 2. Because it's The Sound of Music!
Thoughts: I'm sharing now because we saw this production in Baltimore and it's currently running just down the street at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC (until July 16).

I have nothing but praise for this production. Maria and the Captain feel different from the film in a more authentic way, and there's a more emotional connection to the show when seeing it live, particularly in the festival scene towards the end.

My most important feedback is for people who have only seen the film: The Sound of Music was a play first. The movie is the adaptation, not the other way around. I see scathing reviews all the time that break my heart because of things like "I have confidence" wasn't included (the song was added for the film version) or "My Favorite Things" is in the wrong place in the show (actually, the movie switched things up). It's different than what you know, but it's lovely and I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I did. I'm still thinking of taking my mom a second time now that it's nearby :)

Have you seen a theatrical performance of The Sound of Music? What did you think?

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