Something Rotten!

June 6, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

Who: Me, myself, and I
What: Something Rotten! The musical comedy about two brothers (and playwrights) trying to break free from Shakespeare's shadow.

When: April 2017
Where: The Hippodrome, Baltimore
Why: When the Broadway cast tours, you go.
Thoughts: I must confess that I was not expecting to like this show. I'd heard about the Tony awards. I'd heard about how funny it is. Maybe it was the cheesy graphics or maybe the description didn't engage me...but I just didn't think this show would be for me. But, it's good to explore new things, and who can turn down a chance to see actors like Adam Pascal and Josh Grisetti in their own hometown?

Adam Pascal and Josh Grisetti
Adam Pascal (Rent) and Josh Grisetti (It Shoulda Been You)

I went...and I loved it! If you're a theatre geek like me, this show is especially for you as it is constantly giving nods to every other musical out there.

Check out the Something Rotten! cast album here. A full listing of shows I've seen can be found here. If you've seen Something Rotten!, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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