May 30, 2017 Chicago, IL, USA

Who: Me, myself, and I
What: Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda's impossible-to-get-Broadway-seats-to sensation | tickets
When: May 2017
Where: PrivateBank Theatre, Chicago
Why: All the cool kids are doing it and I love spending obscene amounts of money on tickets ;)

rain jacket (similar)

On the show: It's funny, Hamilton is so huge that I felt more like I had bought a Ferarri and was showing it off to all of my friends. My normal theatre giddiness was numbed down, and while I of course enjoyed the show, by the end, I just felt like "hmm, ok. I saw Hamilton." Not until the next morning could I really appreciate what I'd seen  (to be fair, not much of the show was a surprise for me as I've already listened through the soundtrack, mixtape, and seen various video clips and stories).

I'd absolutely recommend it. It's a new kind of theatre that I can already see creeping into other new shows, and you will find some really talented cast members. I'd love to go again given the opportunity to catch all the additional details hiding in the show (think Pixar easter eggs, just for theatre!).

On Chicago: Chicago really has their act together when it comes to theatre. I was so impressed by their organization and customer service. They can get people through a bathroom line quicker than any Broadway theatre I've been to.  Also, tickets (to any show, not just Hamilton) are generally more accessible and affordable. I went to two shows while I was in town and I'm definitely a believer in the Broadway in Chicago system!

Privatebank theatre orchestra left limited view
View from Orch Left (limited view seats)

Be sure to give the cast recording or mixtape a listen. You will be hooked!

A list of all the shows I've seen to date is available here. If you've seen Hamilton or it's on your bucket list, let me know in the comments!

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