How to Save on Fitbit (& other trackers!) with Groupon Goods

November 15, 2016 Baltimore, MD, USA


It's no secret that I adore my Fitbit. My mom and sister both have one as well as do several of my
co-workers, and I see no sign of their popularity declining.

I know lots of people who are intrigued by Fitbit but can't swallow the price tag. I know—I used to be one of them. Had I not won mine, I may not have one. At least, not until now: I was perusing Groupon Goods (for Christmas gift ideas, I swear!), and saw they have HUGE savings on fitness trackers including the Fitbit Flex (26% off) and Fitbit Charge HR (30% off). I'd definitely jump on that kind of deal.

Fitbit discount

Other trackers are available at even deeper savings if you like the idea of a fitness tracker but don't care so much about brand or just need a lower price point; today's doorbuster is the Jawbone tracker, and no pun intended, but my jaw dropped when I saw they only start at $22.99 now–Thursday (normally $130)!

Jawbone discount

Groupon Goods also has deals on Garmin and Jarvelite trackers and tracker accessories like replacement wristbands.

I'm stunned. I've always been a Groupon lover and I've bought their goods from time to time, but I never looked to them as a source for brand name goods like Fitbit. Clearly, I have to change my opinion as Groupon Goods has totally stepped their game up in time for the holidays! If you were hoping to gift one this Christmas (even to yourself, I don't judge!), look no further. You're welcome!

Have you bought anything from Groupon Goods? What's the best deal you've snagged?

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  1. Nice! My husband had a fitbit years ago and I've been looking into getting him a new one so this is super helpful!

  2. I love the band styles! I have an UP by Jawbone but I'm thinking of just getting a fitbit. I want to be able to connect with people I know - and no one has the UP. I think it'll hold me more accountable!

  3. This is such a great deal! Love Groupon

  4. I love Groupon's goods section! So many great, affordable finds! I had no idea they sold brand names either!

  5. So far the best deal I've snagged is a pair of wireless earbuds and a matching waist pouch for the distance runner in the family. Regularly $149.99 on sale for $23.99.....I'm thinking I may have to go back and get another set....


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