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November 4, 2016 Baltimore, MD, USA

I feel like I've been moving at warp speed ever since coming back from Ireland. October was filled to the brim with insanity to accomplish and now it's November and I'm realizing I need to hussle—I'm usually halfway done with holiday shopping by now and I have gifts for literally one person taken care of. Still, there's plenty going on to appreciate:

1. Halloween

I haven't really celebrated the holiday in years, but since the church plant Sean and I help with wants to be active in the community, we decided to knock on doors for a little reverse trick-or-treating the day before Halloween and give candy to our local residents.

2. A healthy Anise

Anise was sick for over 6 weeks. Lots of $ spent on 4 vet visits  offered us the same (ineffective) treatment option over and over again—super frustrating. We were told all sorts of things ranging from the equivalent of "she's fine, you're just a hypochondriac" (all her lab tests came back perfect despite her clear and unceasing symptoms) to the equally frustrating but much preferred "I honestly don't know." We finally went to a completely new vet for a second opinion, and while he was equally unsure what was wrong, his last-ditch treatment effort before we entered the world of super-pricey testing actually worked! She's been in the clear for about a week and a half now and I'm so grateful!

3. Fall Decor

With all our extra funds going to the vet for awhile, our front stoop looked pretty sad for awhile. Thankfully, on a recent BJ's run, I saw pairs of mums for only $7, adding just the pop of color that was needed. Of course, in just a few more weeks, I'll be putting out Christmas garland, but I'll enjoy the lovely blooms while I can!

4. Theatre

One of the best things about living in Baltimore is the proximity to the Hippodrome Theatre, where there are several touring Broadway productions each season. This week, my high school bestie came up for some girl time including watching Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella! We're never too old for fairy tales.

5. More Theatre

Major nerd alert here, but any theatre buff knows the crazy that is involved in getting Hamilton tickets....in New York. Work is sending me to a conference in the spring—in Chicago—while Hamilton is still in town. Guess who snagged herself a ticket!? A reasonably priced (by Hamilton standards, anyway) and reasonably located ticket! I'm tempted to buy a second and go twice while I'm there. Don't judge me.

PS - speaking of Hamilton, pre-orders for the Hamilton Mixtape started today.  When you pre-order, you get two tracks immediately (and I totally teared up listening to one of them) to hold you over until the full December release.

What has been fabulous for you this week?
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  1. So we need to get together STILL, but I am super Jealous of Hamilton :). How was Cinderella? I keep thinking I really need to catch a show but I just haven't had time! Also loved seeing Tribe Church reverse trick-or-treating! Hope you're well friend! Send me a few dates that would work for a Chipotle date!

  2. Happy Friday! So glad to hear your dog is doing better. That's so annoying when you can't get any answers. Hope you have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid


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