How to Eat Just a Little Cleaner with Litehouse

June 3, 2016 Baltimore, MD, USA


"It's interesting how bloggers all have their little quirks, " the blogger sitting across from me mused over dinner "you were vegetarian, she's gluten free...there can be so many extremes."

She's right; many food bloggers have some sort of dietary restriction or preference that fuel their blogs and recipes. We all want to eat well—but what about the everyday folks who want to just clean up their eating without going full paleo or dropping their entire paycheck on organics?

Litehouse Foods invited a group of local bloggers to a tasty dinner in Baltimore to say "we got this!"

Over endless glasses of wine (including a lovely education from the sommelier) and 5 delicious courses (course one being a salad with Litehouse dressings, of course), bloggers got to chat with one another as well as with Maria, Litehouse VP of Marketing and Communication and registered dietitian Rebecca who shared the most amazing buffalo veggie burger recipe featuring Litehouse's ranch dressing.

As much as I love veggies, I was reminded that I'm the exception to the rule—most Americans don't get their daily recommended produce servings, and tasty dressings are a way to encourage increased fruit and veggie consumption. Shouldn't clean dressings be accessible to everyone? An easy step is transitioning from warm dressings to cold (as Maria declared, "the [bleu] cheese never should have been warm to begin with!") as they remove icky preservatives from the equation. Plus, Litehouse dressings are super tasty! They tasted as good on the salad at our dinner as they do at work when I'm using them as a dip for raw carrots and celery.

It was so great to spend an evening with other bloggers and with a brand who values our candid feedback (and who treats us to such yuminess!) More than once, Maria was adamant that if a blogger didn't feel they could give  genuine positive feedback, she wanted to hear about and discuss it—no fake 5 star reviews, thank you very much!

My opinion is genuine—the Litehouse dressings in my fridge are delicious, and I'll be buying more when I empty these jars!

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  1. I think I'm going to try these dressings, I usually do another cold dressing, but maybe I'll switch it up next week :)


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