2016 Gardening Goals

March 7, 2016 Baltimore, MD, USA

Now that we've dealt with the obligatory (and completely unnecessary) March snow, is it safe to say spring is here? Or at least temps below freezing are gone? I'm ready for round 2 of gardening adventures—time to beautify my front stoop and make another attempt at growing some of my own food. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this month:

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  • Put my Monrovia jasmine plants back outside. (I tried keeping them alive indoors with a grow light over the winter months. They are a little sad, but hanging in there, so I hope they'll perk back up when they return outdoors)
  • Find a way to mount a window box. We bought one last year only to find it wouldn't fit as we expected. I'd love to add one for extra curb appeal outside of our bay window.
jasmine plant
Please take me back outside!


  • Swallow my pride and accept that it's OK not to start everything myself from seed. Let's try tomatoes and a few other veggies from plants this year.
  • Work with Sean to re-configure outdoor pallet garden. Perhaps individual boxes?
  • Start an herb garden .

Here's to hoping I have better results than last year, particularly with the herbs and veggies! Any tips for a girl trying to make her black thumb green?

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  1. I would love to start growing my own veggies and such. My father in law does and I love tomato season, it's soooo tasty!!
    Danielle Greco | AccordingtoD.com

  2. I clicked on your link because for some reason my garden goals are materializing this year. It's good to remind myself that I don't have to start seeds to have a great garden.

  3. No shame in using starter plants. That's the only way I can grow peppers or tomatoes.

  4. No shame in using starter plants. That's the only way I can grow peppers or tomatoes.


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