Instead of blogging, I...

October 19, 2015

  • Participated in my first 5K (I walked with colleagues to raise funds for the non-profit
    we work for)
  • Had lunch with a friend who moved out of the country nearly six years ago
  • Did some DIY-ing around the house (posts with more pics to come...maybe)
  • Wrapped birthday and Christmas presents (if you thought I was kidding here, you were wrong. I'm making good progress)
  • Celebrated the marriage of our wedding photographer
  • Visited with out of town family (and will visit with more out of town family this weekend)
  • Discovered we need concrete in our basement (really, we don't have
  • Bought tickets to see Legally Blonde The Musical with another friend I rarely see next month

In short, I've been living (and mostly enjoying) life. This fall has certainly been a busy one, but I'm still here! What have you been up to?

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  1. Sounds busy! I can't believe you are already wrapping Xmas gifts! That is awesome!

  2. This is what my life has been a lot of this past year. There are so many activities that I haven't had the opportunity to blog about them. Sometimes I feel bad that I'm not documenting them for the sake of blogging, but I really like to be able to look back and remember all the things we've done. Can't wait to see your DIY projects!

  3. You've been busy! :) I am so inspired by how prepared you are for Christmas. I need to get moving!

  4. Traveling for work. A lot. I'm so ready to just hang out at home for a bit!


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