30...after 30?

September 14, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

I'm no longer a 20-something this month (say you'll still accept me, blogland!), so now is the best time to jump on the list-making bandwagon. No "30 before 30" or "Fall bucket list" here (though it does kinda resemble the latter). Just some short-term goals for the next few months:

10 by Thanksgiving

  • Visit a local winery (done this weekend after the next item on the list fell through. As an added bonus, we stumbled upon the Runaway Bride church!)
Church featured in "Runaway Bride"

  • Go apple picking (I've never gone anything-picking. Darn rain!)
  • Make and can pasta sauce and applesauce/fried apples
  • Host dinner with friends at our house
  • Host an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party
  • Have all family birthday gifts purchased (4 birthdays between Nov-Jan!)
  • Raise $1500 for Miles for Mothers (you can help!)
Miles for Mothers

  • Update decor and sort through more boxes (started this weekend with new seasonal flowers!)
fall flowers

  • Select Christmas cards and update mailing list
  • Make decisions in our church search
What's on your to-do list pre-holidays?
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  1. I can not believe it is already time to prep for the holidays, but just today I booked a pancake cruise with Santa for the boys! I'm still trying to make reservations for some other holiday activities. They do not celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands and with no Thanksgiving it feels like the march to Christmas is happening even faster then usual.

  2. I had typed up a long comment and then it got eaten :( But, basically our goal this fall and for the holidays is survival. All of our birthdays are between October and the beginning on January, plus a bunch of extended family. So is our wedding anniversary. It's crazy busy at work too, so we're just trying to make it through without losing our sanity!

  3. When I was in college some friends and I put together a cool Operation Christmas Child packing event--pretty small scale, but it was really fun, and that's a program I have a lot of love for. Glad to hear your plans for this year! Picking stuff is fun--in Michigan we always went strawberry picking in June, we lived right down the street and would pick probably a couple dozen pounds--Angel's a crazy fan of strawberries!


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