Gift for High School Grads:

June 1, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

You didn't think I was done with graduations, did you?

circa 2005. I was 19 here when I started dating Sean; she was only 6!
Nope. This Friday, Sean and I will celebrate our fifth wedding sitting in an arena, watching his baby sister graduate high school. (fun fact: her graduation is at the same facility where Borat sang the national anthem)

We of course bought her a"fun" graduation gift, but she is off to college somewhere, which calls for some level of practicality. I knew exactly what to get her on that level: a gift card to

There was nothing I hated in college more than buying textbooks...except selling back a $300 book and getting $10 for it because a new edition came out... or not being able to sell it back at all! No, thanks. There's the occasional text I wanted to keep for reference, but for the most part, I barely cracked open my college books and certainly didn't want to keep them. I'm still bitter that wasn't around in my college days, but there's no way I'd withhold their amazing perks from family:
  1. They're super affordable: save 40-90% off of bookstore prices,
  2. Shipping is free...both ways,
  3. You can write/highlight in the books (I still think this is insane!),
  4. Rental periods are flexible, and, my personal favorite...
  5. Philanthropy! is charitable and donates to Operation Smile's lifesaving initiatives with every single rental. (check them out, their work is wonderful!)
Oh, and as far as her personal favorite? The gift keeps on giving because she can refer friends to the site so they can save, too (if they accept, they can get an extra discount!)...and she will be rewarded with compensation and possibly more book credit!

For you visual/auditory learners, here's a nice breakdown of's awesomeness:

Congratulations, sis!

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