save your seats! Zitriom seat cover review

May 13, 2015

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Anyone else's car seats look like this?

Ugh. When we rescued Anise, I draped a blanket over the back seats and called it a day. Clearly, The blanket wasn't of much use. And car washes got a little more frustrating when I found out about the "excessive pet hair" surcharge. Eeesh.

We rarely carry passengers in the back (besides Anise, obviously), but when we do, we certainly don't want them covered in hair. Plus, I prefer a clean car in general. I started looking at seat protectors to see if they could do any better than a blanket when Zitriom offered me one of a beige that nearly matches my seats. Score!

I have to say, it's a steal at $14.99. It was easy to install (it didn't include directions and we still figured it out), looks nice, doesn't leave a smell (despite the rubber backing which does a great job of keeping it from slipping everywhere!), has kept the hair at bay, and most importantly...Anise clearly thinks it's comfortable:

So, run to the car wash, pay that dumb surcharge for the last time, then protect your seats with a Zitriom seat cover:

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