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March 18, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

Disclosure: this post contains referral links and review of the Love With Food box which I received in addition to compensation for my review. The opinions presented are my own.

The subscription box trend is everywhere! There are a few I've considered, but most of the time, I don't bother because I'm worried my money will be wasted on products I won't use or don't like.

It looks like the voices of crunchy people are finally being heard, though! When Love With Food offered to let me try a tasting box of their all-natural snacks to see what they were about, I was skeptical. Then I read more and realized I could probably take advantage of the entire box!

You'll note that the pics are a little blurry in this post. I was in a hurry to eat everything and didn't pull any equipment out!

Anyway, the box was filled to the brim with healthy, snack-y goodness:

There were brands I'd heard of, brands I hadn't, as well as coupons and a brochure giving info on every item in the box. Imagine my happiness when I realized every single item was vegan (including the 3 chocolate items which I ate first)! Other dietary preferences like gluten free are also notated by each item.

Here's the breakdown:

There were 10 edible items (which disappeared in 2 days) and I loved 8. (those chocolates on the bottom tasted like soft tootsie rolls, and the chickpeas were a crunchy delight!) The entire box (aside from the herbs, of course) was devoured! I was skeptical about the strawberry tea and the peanut butter banana bar, but both surprised me as quite tasty. I'd definitely consider purchasing some of these again—and you can, right from the Love With Food website.

So, the healthy part is covered. The vegetarian-friendly part is covered. We all know how important those are to me. But, there's more awesomeness:

Philanthropy. For every box sent, Love With Food donates a meal to a hungry child. There are actually three levels of boxes: tasting, deluxe, and gluten free. If you choose one of the latter two boxes, Love With Food actually donates two meals!

I'm sold, but if you're still skeptical, no worries, Love With Food doesn't discriminate when it comes to free stuff. I got a free box, but so can you! Just purchase via this link, and you will get a free box—all you pay is $2 shipping!

Does Love With Food sound like your kind of box? What is your current favorite subscription box?
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