eliminate ALL the winter dryness with rosehip oil!

February 15, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

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I'm seriously in love with  Skinology Beauty Solutions right now.

Last week, I mentioned the lemon essential oil they sent me and how the scent was a perfect pick-me-up for my winter blues.

I love lemons, so I knew I'd love it. What I wasn't sure about was the other oil they sent me—rosehip oil. I love EOs in general and always talk about wanting to expand my knowledge and collection, but rosehip was an oil I hadn't heard of. I hadn't the slightest clue if I would like it or if it would  even be relevant to any of my needs.

Oh, it is.

If lemon essential oil is for my mind in the winter months, rosehip oil  is it's winter counterpart for my body—it has so many uses!

Dry  body? Put a few drops in your (warm, not hot bath). Mix a few more drops in your lotion. The scent is very light and won't disrupt your fragrance.

Dry scalp? Mix a few drops in your palms with your shampoo.

Dry face? Oh, this is my favorite. I've been mixing a few drops in my night cream and wow! I wish I'd taken a before picture so you could see the difference. I definitely have a noticeable glow that I've been lacking these past few months.

Basically, this little bottle kicks winter dryness right in the behind. And I shouldn't say little bottle - 4 oz. is a lot of oil and despite using it multiple times daily for the past two weeks, it still looks completely full! (I feel like it's practically a steal at $19!)

Oh, and aside from dryness...this one really stunned me: this gosh darn left-cheek breakout that's been plaguing me for the past year? Gone! I had no idea extra moisture could actually get rid of pimples! On the contrary, I was worried I would make things worse when I first tried it on my face.

(I'm seriously bummed that I didn't take before pics—the results after one use were way beyond my expectations!)

I did some googling and found out that rosehip oil has tons of other benefits that are relevant year-round . By just rubbing the oil on the appropriate area, rosehip oil can also:

  • sooth sunburns
  • remove eye makeup
  • nourish brittle nails
  • treat scars & discoloration
I can't believe I didn't know about this stuff before! rosehip oil now has a permanent home in my beauty arsenal.

What essential oils do you like best? Have you found any surprise uses?

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