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November 24, 2014

I have very fine hair. Fine as in I've gotten a salon perm (back when perms were in) that barely lasted a week. It's hard for me to style my hair and even harder for that style to hold. So, imagine my excitement when I saw the new Instawave styling tool from Kiss. A salon quality curling tool that practically does all the work for you!

I mean, check out this video!

Looks pretty cool, right!?

Brandbacker sent me one for testing; I practically ripped the box open and ran to the bathroom when the box arrived.

My fine hair prevailed. Oh well, this is a different kind of tool and I'm sure there's a learning curve.
By the end of the week, I'd given up. It was nearly impossible to get this thing to hold and twirl my hair let alone make a decent curl when it did succeed to do so. Maybe it just wasn't for us fine-haired gals.

I was thinking of skipping this review. This isn't the first time a universally loved hair product has given me zero results. I know I'm the minority. It sucks, but I'm still hoping a product that works for my hair type is on it's way.

But, while wandering through facebook, I happened upon another new instawave review. One from a girl who has no hair woes in common with mine. One that was equally frustrated with this tool. I tweeted her: "I thought it was only me."  

The reply was almost instant: "Oh you aren't at ALL..."

The instawave issues seem to be common amongst women of all hair types, and as an objective blogger it is my duty to always give honest opinions. In this case, the Instawave wasn't for me. And it appears that there is work to be done before it is for most of you. I have more success (and time saved) with a regular curling iron. I hate to be negative, but I hope Kiss sees the issues at hand and can channel them into developing an instawave that truly is a miracle product for women of all hair types.

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