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October 25, 2014

The temps are dropping and I'm fighting pulling my jackets out of the closet just yet. Hoodies and cardigans will have to do. But, my calendar says November is in a week meaning I'll be losing the fight pretty soon.

Bad news for me...but there's good news for you! November is in a week!

c'mon...I know you know what that means:

Time to give away free sponsorships!

There's 4 spots up for grabs for the month of November, and I'm especially excited because when I updated October's media kit, I decided to take a look at last October's numbers to see how far things had come. I'm pretty stoked about it and you should be too, because all this growth means that many more people who will see your own blog awesomeness:

BEFORE: Last October

AFTER: This October

Enter below!
November Sponsorship of re•solve
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