The Song

September 22, 2014

I'm exited to be a part of The Song blog tour and hope you will check this film out for yourself!

More and more Christian-themed films have claimed a space on the big screen, which is a trend I can definitely get behind. I have my likes and dislikes within the genre, but most importantly, I think they provide a great forum for discussion (i.e., God's Not Dead). When I heard about The Song from another blogger, I was intrigued and ready to see what the hype was all about.

The Song primarily deals with marriage and the choices that make or break it. If you've seen Fireproof, think grittier and you've got The Song. The prologue instantly demonstrates to the audience that they won't be skirting around any issues in this film - you're instantly greeted by a prologue featuring the stereotypical "rock star lifestyle" of alcohol and groupies. Then the main story gets going and for a minute you may think you're in for another cheesy Christian film, but it's not long before things get real. And wow

I don't want to spoil anything pre-release, but this romance addresses many common obstacles in marriage in a big way- especially how we prioritize the division of our time and energy. While most Christian films simply allude to some of the resulting consequences of these choices or avoid them altogether, The Song is a little bolder. They go there. Christian or not, humans are imperfect and challenges in a marriage can (and likely will) happen. The Song could almost be perceived as a secular film were it not for the choice to sprinkle in narrated scriptures from Song of Solomon, the film's influence. It's different for sure but interesting and thankfully without any preachy tones.

Ultimately? I think it's worth a watch. The Song signals a departure from the way previous Christian films have been. The cheesiness is down and the production quality is up. While I still found elements in the film to be unrealistic, I appreciated that it was honest. There was no Christian "bubble" effect and the film didn't feel preachy- it presents common marital conflicts and the universal truth that a successful marriage requires a large investment of time and effort. I would actually say they could have bumped up the message a little more and still been palatable for all audiences.

Of course, most critics will still present scathing feedback when the film debuts on 9/26. Mention Christianity in any form and they will lose any objectivity. My two cents? The Song isn't perfect (nor is any film) but I appreciate the change in tone I saw in the film and hope future Christian films take note and move in the same direction. It's definitely worth a watch for adult audiences.

So, will you go #seethesong?

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