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May 30, 2014 Crofton, MD 21114, USA

Blog reviews are everywhere and while I scroll past most, the occasional one makes me stop - and then get jealous that I'm not the reviewer. Seriously, hook me up!

One of said reviews was one of the more unique ones I've ever seen - on my friend Rachel's blog. I instantly fell in love with her cute new purse and the purpose of the retailer who hooked her up with said purse. You see, Corlie at Red Buffalo Trading sells goods that are made in other countries including China.

Yep, I'm sure I just lost you all right there "um, hello Bekah, all the cheap crap we buy in the states is already made in China!" The good news is, that is so not what I mean. I mean these are the people of China and said other countries getting their Etsy on - using their local artisan resources and talents to make unique accessories (bags, jewelry, home wares!) that are anything but crap.

I was hooked right there, but I was stoked when I randomly got an e-mail from Corlie saying she wanted in on the crafting action herself and had a new bag she designed in need of a review. I was even more stunned when she sent the first picture over - it was like she'd designed it with me in mind:

This hemp fold-over cross-body bag is me to a T! The size, the fabrics, the colors (I'm all over navy blue!) and the style that is clean and simple yet fun and unique - I was in love before it even arrived.

Then, arrive it did and I was even more in love with Corlie's sturdy craftsmanship (she did, in fact make the bag in China, but with gorgeous batik fabric from Thailand!)- I love cloth purses and this one is by far the sturdiest I've owned. On top of that, she's got a great eye for detail from the hardware to the dainty yet sturdy braided strap:

I've been carrying this beauty around non-stop since it came in last Friday and it's still going strong - I'm not one to switch out purses often, so I stick to neutrals and these are the perfect spring neutrals for me - they go with the majority of my wardrobe! Also, I can be rough on my things and this bag isn't showing any dirt or staining despite the light color of the hemp fabric.

Corlie had actually asked if she should keep making the bags or consider other items with the fabric - my answer is YES! If a throw pillow, makeup bag, or other decor came out as great as this bag I'd be all over it!

Interested yet? Corlie is being extra generous and letting one reader experience this unique and lovely craftsmanship for themselves with a voucher to Red Buffalo Trading. Enter below and it could be yours!

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UPDATE 10/2014: I chose Red Buffalo Trading to make some custom throw pillow covers for the new house. You can see them here.
UPDATE 01/2015: I still use this bag! You can see me wearing it in my recent eShakti review here.


  1. So pretty! I could recognize that as Corlie's style from the first picture that popped up on Bloglovin'! I know you really were interested in the brand when I posted about my purse so I'm glad you got one now, too!

  2. What a lovely review Bekah thank you! I am so very happy that you like the detail of the bag, I tried to make everything be as unique as possible. I have been crafting away steadily and trust me many more designs like this will be popping up on Red Buffalo Trading soon :)

    1. Girl, this bag is to cute. To cute I tell ya.

  3. Cute bag! I love cross-body purses and that is very handy for running around.


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