Glass + Plastic = Glasstic? [re•view]

March 8, 2014

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Some of you may have seen me posting pics of this cute little water bottle on my instagram recently:

This was a gift from the folks over at Glasstic who say the following about their product:


I was a skeptic, but I couldn't say no to a cute pink bottle, so I figured I'd see if the bottle lived up to the hype. I planned on drinking out of the bottle a few times before putting it to the drop/throw test. (I drop things in the kitchen all the time, so I really didn't think this would work for me!)

Well, after a few days of taking this bottle to work instead of my normal reusable bottle, I was hooked! The bottle is convenient for me in so many ways - I love the cute color of course, but it's also easy to disassemble, reassemble, and clean. It is top-rack dishwasher safe, although it is a bit tall for my dishwasher - I wash it by hand easily enough!

It's slim enough to hold in one hand, but also the adjustable carrying handle is a convenient touch (really, I've dropped other bottles while carrying them. It's embarrassing how clumsy I can be when it comes to dropping things!) And speaking of clumsy, the lid has an awesome lock feature. Even when I don't lock it though, I've knocked over the bottle or tossed it in my purse and not had any leaks - another huge plus for the girl who has spilled water in her purse more than once.

I actually liked the Glasstic bottle enough to the point where I was dreading the "breakage" test that I had so been looking forward to. I was sure it was going to break, and I so didn't want that to happen (though good news, if it does break, it stays contained within the plastic for safe cleanup and you can buy a replacement glass insert!)

Well, finally, I went into the kitchen with the bottle in my hand, arms swinging, and "dropped" the bottle from about waist height (It was only fair since that's normally how I drop things). I heard a loud noise, and Sean quickly from the other room asking "are you OK?!" Yeah. It was loud, but I didn't hear a shatter. I picked up the bottle, and it was still intact. Yay! Sean still wasn't convinced so I went back into the kitchen and threw it on the floor from shoulder height. Still loud, still no shattering. Fine by me! I'm sure if you absolutely wanted to break this thing, you could make it happen, but if you're just clutzy, no worries!

On a side note - just this week, Rodale published an article about plastic safety (or lack thereof, including BPA free) - it confirms what many know - glass is the way to go! I thought the timing was great and glad that Glasstic is ahead of the game - you're not drinking out of the plastic shell, just protecting the glass with it.

The only dislike I can mention is the bottle's capacity - it only holds 16 oz. of water - so I'm constantly at the water cooler. I'd love to see them sell larger capacity versions. Until then, I will keep bringing my small one to work and refilling frequently because I love it!

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  1. I love it! I think I have an addiction to water bottles!! I'll for sure have to check them out!!


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