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March 12, 2014

As much as possible, I try to keep things positive on the blog. At the same time, there needs to be balance as I think there's value in keeping it real. So, for the most part, I try to post about good things or just present my sarcastic self in hopes that people can read sarcasm on a computer screen. Sure, things go wrong, and I'll share them, but nobody likes a constant downer.

While browsing online, I came across this NPR blog post called Foul Weather Begets Foul Moods Online. Obviously, I missed the "online" part, because my first thought was "no kidding - I'm the poster child for seasonal sadness!"

Your days are numbered, humidifier!

Then I read through and realized while they were talking about something totally different, if was still completely true: everything we say affects one another.

Basically, a mood study was conducted in relation to our social media use. Here's what they found:

 "...the researchers also found that each sad status posted on a rainy day gave rise to another negative post by a friend living in a city that was dry."

Bummer. I believe it. But then, the very next sentence:

"Positive moods seemed even more contagious — each happy post typically yielded two additional happy posts by others. The scientists detailed their findings in the current issue of the journal PLOS ONE."

That easy? I love being happy and I love sharing it online...I do tend to hold back sometimes as I don't want to come off as braggy, but if I can make someone's day a little brighter by sharing what made mine bright...well, why the heck not?

So, instead of pouting about the cold weather rumored for tomorrow, I just want to say that the last two days have been awesome! The temps were perfect for a walk in the city on my lunch break, and how lucky am I that my office offers waterfront dining, regardless of whether I go out or brown bag it?

Obviously I didn't brown bag it today. This wrap and lemonade were delicious!

What made you happy today? This week? Share in the comments but also share on your facebook - be contagious!


  1. I think that this is so true! Moods really ARE contagious, and we can affect others by the way we speak. When I see people talking about good things in their life online, I never see it as something to be jealous of or something braggy, but it is inspiring! I'm glad you guys have had a bit of warmer weather! A happy thing for me this week was m sister coming for a visit...and, like you mentioned on my post, a free dress is a very happy thing! :)

  2. I definitely think this is true. We have someone at my work who is constantly pissed off about something and people just feed off of that. It's incredibly frustrating.

  3. That is a really cool study! The weather the past couple of days was definitely where my happiness came from!

  4. So interesting! The positive really does outweight the negative I suppose. Thanks for the reminder that we should all spread a little sunshine! :)

  5. This is so true! Positive comments can really make a difference in someone's life. I found your blog on Fresh Fridays linky made my day :)

  6. I totally believe that - spread the positivity!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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