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February 26, 2014

February is ending this week - that means we've had two months to work on our resolutions. How are you doing? Are you plugging away or have you left them by the wayside?

In upcoming posts, I'll be sharing some resources that have helped me accomplish my re•solves for 2014. In the meantime, I thought I'd share an update on where I am:

1. Not Settle. Professionally, this is a win. I landed my "dream job" earlier this month and couldn't be happier. Now I'll be applying that principle as Sean and I search for a new place - the commute is awful and prices are high, but we need to not take the first affordable thing that comes around just to avoid the commute if the place really isn't right for us. Also, as we start paying off all the fun events of last year, it's time to start enjoying life again and making time to do things together.

You can actually see my new office in this pic - taken on a day I went to check out a new place on my lunch break :)

2. Send Birthday Cards. January was a success. I signed up for a resource that I will be discussing in a later post that has made this a manageable goal for me. I almost forgot in February, but I got it done, even if a few people did get their cards a day or two late. Yikes! I better get to work on March this week to keep that from happening.

I also wanted to keep up with my 2013 lifestyle changes. I'm still vegetarian, Sean is still eating less meat, and I started using a new resource to bring some diversity into the kitchen - more on that later!

Seeing one of these boxes on my doorstep always makes my day.

We're also still using clean products. Arbonne is still a huge passion of mine and while I'm not focusing highly on growing the business right now, I continue to love and endorse the products and am always available to help. Be on the lookout for some skincare posts in the future!


  1. congratulations times a hundred on that job pretty lady! So excited for you and all the changes it will provide for you! God is in control :)

    Good luck on the home search too! Apartment/renting searching is so hard!

  2. I'm so glad you've got your dream job! I'm still looking for mine...I know it's out there!
    Good luck with the home search.

  3. Yay for keeping up with sending birthday cards! I bet your loved ones enjoy that!

  4. Ummm, no way!?
    You have a resource that helps you remember birthday cards?
    QUIT holding out bek!

  5. Yeah, what's this "resource" for birthday cards?

  6. I am so happy that you land that job, you are so deserving of it. Happy Thursday!


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