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December 14, 2013

Day six of twelve

We goody-two-shoed Sunday school kids grew up hearing the story of Baby Jesus each Christmas. Sadly, most of us didn't find out until we were way older where in the Bible this story was found, and then, we were surprised to find there is more than one account. Oops.


Quick! Which gospel is that from?

Give up? This is part of Luke's account. Matthew supplies us with the other.

While both have their merits, I think I am a little partial to Luke. Matthew's account has a third person hearsay tone of "here's what happened," while Luke's longer account presents us with all sorts of context and facts (very appropriate as he was a doctor) to make sure you understand the circumstances and thus appreciate the event even more!

For instance; the census which brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, thus fulfilling the prophecy, is completely skipped in Matthew. The 8 verse Matthew account also skips over Mary's experience of finding she is with child, simply vaguely saying she was "found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit (NIV)."

While Matthew is a great cliffnotes version anyone should know, Luke takes the cake here.

All right you Sunday School Scholars - share your thoughts below!


  1. I do think I'm especially partial to the Luke story--maybe because that's the one that's most often read or recited that the words are the most familiar to me. But I do like reading both versions to remind myself of the whole story!

  2. I agree with being partial to Luke's version. Maybe it's beacause it's the one I grew up with. Idk. But there is jut something bout that version that tugs at my heart. I know. It's cause Matthews version is I matter of fact.


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