Newlywed Game: Christmas Edition [Vlog]

December 20, 2013

Yay! Karla and Veronica brought the Newlywed Game back for a limited Christmas edition. And we vlogged. Sorry.



  1. Dyin' watchin' this... yes ma'am, yes ma'am! And hush yo mouth to openin' a present before Christmas. Didn't you hear all the families are doin' it now.
    Wait, Sean was Catholic. Tell me more.
    We both hate eggnog, love Recess and don't find a Christmas Story funny. :)(:
    WHY U NO live in Texas...
    My Mazda was rental and I HATED it.
    Yes, Sean should guest post. He's hilarious.
    And yes I watched the whole thing.
    my first bible was precious moments and I never got the barbie dream house or mermaid either haha.

    Ok, all done stakin'! but you made me want to publish all the vlogs I have made

  2. This was great! :) So cute and funny! and I love that his favorite gift was a $20 beard trimmer! See, I love a Christmas story... It's a classic!

  3. You guys are adorable and I LOVE that I got to hear your voice!

    Yes, Reeses's trees-uh YES! I'm so with you, every holiday has a great one.

    haha your husband's comments are hilarious!

  4. Bekah!!! This was so good!! Scott & I LOVED watching this. I love it when other couples do vlogs. It's so cool to finally see & hear both you and Sean! You guys are so hilarious together. It's so awesome to see how compatible you guys are. So much love there!! =)


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